Meet The CEO


Jesvy T. is the founder of Jesvy Lashes. Working full time in the fashion industry, Jesvy knows beauty. As a working woman, she knows the struggles of trying to stay true to herself and still be the family woman she must be. As a daughter of immigrants, she has learned hard work and perseverance from her parents. She uses that knowledge in her everyday life and works hard to prove herself.

Jesvy makes her home in the mountains of Colorado. The state inspires beauty not only in the wonderful colors it maps across the land, but also in its people. She also enjoys traveling, car shows, and time with her family. Jesvy's ultimate goal is to make the world beautiful no matter what age they are. Jesvy Lashes is a dream come true. Her values and hard work drive her to find the best lashes she can for her customers.

At Jesvy Lashes our priority is to help you be empowered, beautiful, and most of all flawless. We want you to go through your day or night feeling new, alive, and ready for anything! Jesvy's passion is her lashes.

Welcome to Jesvy Lashes!